Ignition 8.0.15 and Error_TypeConversion

Ever since I migrated from 8.0.12 to 8.0.15 I’ve been having a lot of Error_TypeConversion issues. Has anyone else been having these sorts of issues?

Typically the issues seem to be related to templates not initializing themselves properly. For example, a template using a numeric display might display an Error_TypeConversion until I change the value that it is looking at (through the PLC or Tag Browser). Once the value has been changed once it seems to work okay. It’s also not consistent. For example, I have a popup that I use on all of my analog inputs (around 100 on this project). The Error_TypeConversion shows up only occasionally and randomly on those instances. To be clear, it’s not isolated to a single popup or template.

Anyone else?

Hello. I have the same problem. did you solve it?

I’m also encountering this issue. For me it seems that if the value is blank, or None (from a SQL query NULL field), my old expression using a TRY function no longer works…

try({Root Container.taskData}[0,'FreqMins'],0)

This used to set the value of the expression to 0 in 7.9, but now in 8.1 it throws an Error_TypeConversion quality.