Ignition 8.0.16 and MySQL8.0

Having an issue with a project upgraded from V7.9 to V8.0 and using MySQL8.0

Transaction groups fail with syntax error and even the database browser has issues.

Anyone seen this ?

Does it work if you uncheck that limit box (and maybe add your own to the end of the query)?

What version is the JDBC driver you have installed?

yes it works if Select is unchecked, no data in table, but at least column names show up.
But main issue is historical transaction groups fail on a syntax error

How would i go about finding the JBDC driver version?
This installation was made by someone else

Hmm, annoyingly it seems you have to look at the name of the JAR file on the filesystem. It will be in $IGNITION/user-lib/jdbc on the gateway.

Found my issue.

The MySQL translator was set to MSSQL.

this application was moved from a MSSQL install to a MySQL install.