Ignition 8.0.2+ - designer launcher directory

When Ignition 8.0.x designer launcher had been installed on a windows 10 pc, next time we download a designer, we can’t change the destination directory.
Is there a way to reset this ?

@mazeyrat The reason for this is existing shortcuts would use the previously installed version of the launcher instead of the new one. Is there a compelling use case you had in mind?

Jonathan C

Yes sometime we wan’t to connect to multiple gateway with different version, so it could be convenient to keep each installed designer in a separate folder.

I’m not really seeing the use case to have multiple versions of the Designer and Vision Client Launchers installed at the moment. you could create multiple shortcuts for each instance of a designer or client you want to connect to and place those in a folder somewhere. As far as the versioning goes these launchers are compatible with the foreseeable all versions of ignition from 8.0.0 on, so there is no need to have different versions on the launchers themselves. Future updates to these launchers only add improvements and won’t eliminate the ability to launch from 8.0.0+ gateways