Ignition 8.0.2 Password addition into the database

Since perspective currently doesn’t have dynamic user management, I’ve been adding the functionality myself. Everything is fine except for password verification. It seems like after I add a password to the appropriate database table with a username, (via a SQL insert), using system.security.validateUser(username, password) will always return false with those same details afterwards. Does the password need to encrypted before being entered into the database, and if so, how?

The easiest way is to upgrade to 8.0.3 and use the new system.user scripting functions to add or change a password. The encryption will be handled for you.

Hi @KathyApplebaum,
Thanks for that, but we’ll need a stable version. When will the next stable version be available?

If no issues are found, 8.0.3 will be final next week.

@KathyApplebaum, are these scripting functions only capable of changing passwords for database user sources? I’m struggling to find a way for users to change their own passwords in Perspective when using the default internal user source.

If this is not possible, is there any timeline for user management in Perspective?

I tested all the scripting with the default internal user source, but I did all the testing in Vision. I’ll ping someone who can give you more insight on the component timeline.