Ignition 8.0.2 - shared script Value Changed event

Hello everyone,

I have a DateTime tag named “Dernier temps de reception”
(Tag path="[default]Radar/Radars/TcpRadar-2001/Communication/TCP/Dernier temps de reception")
And when my tag value change i want to call a script function named (“RadarScript.Reception()”)

its works only If i use “the Gateway Tag Change Scripts” in “Gateway Events”.

But i need to use the “Value Changed” in the “Tag Event Scripts” of my DateTime tag “Dernier temps de reception” because i will create UDTs

In “Value Changed”, i can only change tag value, or print, no matter what I do i can’t call my scripts.

Every Time i have error like this :

For trying to solve my problem:

i have try to use the Project Inheritance in order to get global script.

I have try to use shared package or other,

In Ignition 7.9 its look like so easy to do what i want !

I really don’t understand what mistakes i do.

Thank you for your future answers

In v8, since there’s no predefined “shared” scripting scope, there’s no predefined way to access scripts from tag events. Instead, there’s a gateway setting for the “global scripting project” that you set to make its scripts available to objects (like tags) that aren’t part of a project.

If you load a v7.9 gateway backup into v8, the automatic conversion process will move the v7 shared scripts into their own project and set that up as the global scripting project. (And as the parent for all converted projects, too.) If you start from scratch in v8, you have to set this up yourself.

The v8 upgrade guide describes this here: