Ignition 8.0.4 Nightly

Hi everybody,

We are using the Ignition Edge 8.0.4 Nightly and recently i´ve seen that you are developping the new 8.0.5 nightly version, what about the 8.0.4 version? are you going to deploy a release about this version?

Thank you very much.

A release candidate was mentioned yesterday. Doesn’t appear to have made it to the download servers yet.

We’re ironing out a few issues with 8.0.4, then a release candidate will be up while QA goes through the final regression suite. We stop development on one version while QA tests it, but are still working on the next one, which is why the nightly builds of 8.0.5 have new features while 8.0.4 hasn’t yet been release.


Thank you