Ignition 8.0.6 Designer Black Screen/Timeout on Entering Run Mode

When entering run mode on any screen that is somewhat resource-heavy (numerous embedded view templates or whatnot) in the designer, my designer screen routinely turns black and throws a TimeoutException when trying to save it, causing me to lose whatever work I did since the last save.

My CPU resources get a little high (50-60% CPU, 20% RAM) when this happens, but nothing that should cause the designer to lock up as badly as it does. The only solution to this is to completely exit the designer without saving and relaunch it, it won’t even let you navigate away to a different page and then back (in the image, it is the only page I have open and it still can’t handle being put into run/play mode).

When it happens every once in a while it’s no big deal, but this is becoming a routine issue on any resource-heavy page and it’s causing quite a bit of work to need to be redone as it won’t save. Is there any current fix for this or a planned one?

This will hopefully be fixed by our in-progress (near-completion) upgrade to the embedded browser that’s used in the designer.

In the short term, can you try attaching an external debugger (go to the tools menu, and you can ‘Copy Debug URL’, then open it in Chrome or a Chromium based browser. Check the console output in devtools (Ctrl + Shift + I) to see if any errors are being logged when the black screen is happening.

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