Ignition 8.0.8-rc1 save problems etc

I am having troubles giving an exact description of what is going on but this version is less stable than 8.0.7. I normally wait until the “stable” version comes out but I needed the gateway to session messaging feature.

What happens is that over time the system becomes less and less responsive and then when you go to save, it times out similar to how 8.0.6 behaved. But, the difference is with 8.0.6, the save occurred. With 8.0.8-rc1 the save does not occur causing lost work. Word of warning: “Be Careful”

Another problem - not sure it is specific to this version: A few days ago I added some views from “Exchange” to test out the calendar. After playing with it for awhile, I needed a fresh copy to do further testing. So, I deleted the folder, saved my project, and then imported again. Designer then told me that folder exist although it clearly doesn’t. I then created a folder of the same name which it let me do. I then deleted that folder and shutdown designer and moved to a different computer in case it is a cache issue. Same problem on that machine. Folder does not exist but I still cannot import since the import utility believes the folder already exists.

I know I can work around this via the import function and direct the import to a different folder. That is not the point, there seems to be something broken within the import feature.

By chance, were you working with views that contained Column containers? There’s a known issue with those right now that will be fixed before release that will prevent a lot of operations on the designer.
As for the import issue you were seeing, if you go to the gateway files directly and navigate to the install directory and go to \data\projects\<project_name> and try and find the folder, does it exist in the files there? There’s issues from previous versions of 8.0 that could have caused this. If you delete the folder from the install directory directly and restart your designer it should fix that issue.
If neither of these solutions are in the right direction you may have to go to support so they can take a look at your project and/or get a copy to try and reproduce this issues.

I use column containers all over the place and some are contained within other containers. Although, in the particular case of the lost saves the column container was not contained but rather the root. However, last Thursday when working on a page that had contained column containers, I had runaway condition that seemed to self correct after an hour and never occurred again. (I cannot reproduce it.)

In regards to the import, if by install directory you mean var/lib/ignition/, I navigated to the project folder and could see all the folders within my project but not the one causing the problem. I have a call into support.

In the current version of 8.0.8-rc1 if a column container is opened and you start preview mode, things will start to break down in the designer. Until a newer version is released I can only really suggest not using preview mode for the time being especially with column containers in any opened views. I imagine what you are seeing is a consequence of this issue.

As for the import thing, yeah I’d get in touch with support.

The problem with importing may be related to running the gateway on Linux. We cannot repeat it on a Windows gateway.

I lost important save last night. I give up, I am rolling back to 8.0.7