Ignition-8.0.9 client tag and perspective alarm journal table

Hi, Where Ignition-8.0.9 Client tag ?
and Perspective alarm journal table cannot obtain historical alarm and real-time alarm, but I have obtained alarm information in vision。

Assuming you’re talking about Perspective, client tags don’t exist. They are a Vision only thing.

I didn’t see this problem myself, but props.name needs to match the journal name.

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Just to expand on @JordanCClark’s solution, Client Tags are very much a Vision concept and do not exist in Perspective. While in the Perspective context, you should be using the available session properties. We provide you with many of these properties which define the gateway and client is use to start, but if you have a Client tag you’ve made yourself for a Vision project, you would need to add a custom session property.

As for why you can’t find the alarms, you needs to set up the Alarm Journal Table to point to the Alarm Journal in use. set AlarmJournal.props.name to the name of the Alarm Journal which is linked to the data source your tag history is stored in.

@cmallonee, @JordanCClark Thanks, I got it