Ignition 8.0 Designer Multi-Monitor Buggs on Windows

There are several bugs in the Ignition designer that have persisted since beta testing a few years ago. I know there may be tickets somewhere for these issues but finally decided to record my issues and post to help bump up the priority. This has been experienced on all windows development machines (about 5) over the last several years. Some days I swear I waste an hour closing and reopening perspective screens that went buggy and popups and dropdowns opening in a random location or off screen. The issues don’t seem low priority to me.

  1. Editing multiple Perspective apps and changing zoom will eventually make them all go buggy and they have to be closed and reopened.
    Perspective Designer Zoom Bug - YouTube

  1. Drop down lists pop up in random places as well as screens like the gateway scripts or image management always open up in a random location, usually partially off screen.
    Note that this happens regardless if all screens are the same resolution and have the same windows scaling. They can be all lined up in a row, grid of four, any configuration, some kind of nonsense will ensue. I am on 8.1.4 at the moment.
    Ignition Designer Multi Monitor Bugs - YouTube

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