Ignition 8.0 Upgrade - Inaccessible Shared Project Scripts

I had a client recently upgrade their Gateway from Ignition 7.9.10 to 8.0

Before the upgrade, there existed several shared project scripts for handling critical functionality for both the server and the clients. Since upgrading, the scripts have become grayed out in the project browser and are inaccessible.

Other than that, they seem to still be functioning fine.
What’s going on here?


Those projects are defined in a parent project. To edit them, open the parent project (probably called global). In 8.0.1 you’ll be able to open them in a read-only view.

In either case, you can also make local changes by right clicking them to ‘override’ - however, this is strictly a local-to-the-current-project override - you’re not editing the actual resource definition on the parent.

Some more context on how this all works: Version 8 Shared Vision Templates

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Makes perfect sense, I should have RTFM https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Ignition+8+Upgrade+Guide#Ignition8UpgradeGuide-ProjectInheritance&“global”upgradelogic