Ignition 8.1.0 - color for udt - format for typeColor?

when I change A color of an udt and export, in json file I found, for red color:

"typeColor": -65536,

I want to add typeColor in a json file I generate for udt.
What is the typeColor format allowed? RGB, HEX ?
Strange value exported for red : -65536

Looks like RGB including alpha to me: 0xFFFF0000

yes but in import

 "typeColor" : "0xFFFF0000"
 "typeColor" : "FFFF0000"
 "typeColor" : 0xFFFF0000
 "typeColor" : 0xFFFF0000

don’t work.
It’s ok with -65536 for Red, but how to compute the value for other colors ?

blue => -16776961 ?

Sure, that sounds like a good guess. Try it and see.

Is there a fonction in sdk to encode/décode such of strange format for color in udt Json file ?

It’s just an integer in ARGB format. Blue = 0xFF0000FF = -16776961