Ignition 8.1.0 installer got BIG!

Ignition installer up to 8.0.16 was ~800MB. The 8.1.0 installer is 1.6GB. What’s taking up all the new space?
(I’ve only looked at the 64-bit Linux installers…)

Perspective Workstation launchers are a good chunk of it.

V7 used to be like 400MB :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any way you could break that out?
Have maybe a bare bones gateway?

I think a modular installer that downloads selected components as needed during the install might be something we can do down the road, but there’s nothing particularly easy about any potential changes.

It would be a subpar experience though when you go to a gateway to try to download and launch a designer, client, or perspective workstation and find you can’t because nobody bothered to install them.

Plus the significant percentage of customers on air-gapped systems, or with IT departments that don’t like their SCADA package suddenly downloading a few hundred megabytes. There’s no perfect solution, but it’s something we’re aware of and plan to improve.

Air gap is why I want it smaller :laughing: :wink:

A good option imo if disk space is an issue, would be to have another two installers: one with Vision and one with Perspective, both with all other modules includes. This would mean the Vision installer would be back down to the 4-500MB mark, and the Perspective would then be at 1-1.2GB?
Personally, I would still always use the full installer