Ignition 8.1.0rc1 sql date issue

In my previous ignition 8.0.10RC1, if I select a data from a sql table it will not contain the red line highlight data
It will only show 2020-05-13 this date, time will not have
but after update to 8.1.0RC1 it will contain the time, this is a bug? How can I keep the old logic only get the date instead of the time?

If you are displaying the data in a power table then you can use the table customizer to format the “Date” column date format. Choose “yyyy-mm-dd” from the list.

thanks for your input, I have tried, in the power table , if I change the format, it will show correct in the table
but in dropdown list, the select label still contain the extra time, this problem not have before I change to ignition 8.1.0 RC1

I’m not sure if there is something different under the hood with how Ignition is handling the “date” SQL type returned from your table query, but another work around would be to do a statement like this in your query:

FROM YourTable
WHERE SomeConditionIsTrue

This will force the value to be returned as a string.

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I use 113, then it works