Ignition 8.1.10 client log in


My client PC’s prompt the user for a log in every time it opens the client scada. Can I disable this feature just on one client and not others?


Is this Vision or Perspective?

Assuming Vision, since you said “Client.” You can use Auto Login or SSO (be careful with SSO, it is disabled by default after V8.1.17 because of a security vulnerability).

@JamesUalto You could set auto login for a desired user. Then, use a client startup script to identify the IP of the client.
If the IP of the client is different of the IP of the client where you want to Auto Login do a system.security.logout()

ipAddress = system.tag.read(“[System]Client/Network/IPAddress”).value
if ipAddress != ‘’:

Only one user can be configured in the project to auto login from project properties.
If in the future you want to auto login to a client with other different user, you can use same procedure, compare IPs and depending of the IP do a system.security.switchUser()

if ipAddress == ‘’:
system.security.switchUser (‘username’,‘password’)