Ignition 8.1.17 Tag Metadata group in MQTT tags

Seems the metadata does not work in 8.1.17 in MQTT Engine tag creation. I’m fairly certain that I have some tags being input with the tooltip property that are no longer working. Just checking if this is a known thing as our developer for the sending side of this transaction is not currently available for further testing.

So I took a look at the Filtered properties lists within both MQTT Engine and MQTT Transmission. Neither default list is filtering out Tooltip property. In my test bench here, inspecting the actual SparkplugB payloads (specifically the DBIRTH message where that metadata is communicated) reveals that tooltip property values are there.

Looking at Tag Browser, however, doesn’t seem to show the Tooltip property. However, it does seem to be there, as I was able to successfully bind to it (on the Engine side) and see the value update when doing a modify+rebirth from the publishing side.

I’ll make a note to take a look to see if the visibility of these properties in Tag Browser is something that changed recently. Are you able to explicitly bind to the <tag path>.Tooltip property (even if you can’t browse to it) and get a value?


Yes, I can bind to the value and it is there, just not showing in the tag browser.


Are there any updates on this? I’m seeing some behavior in 8.1.17 with MQTT Transmission 4.0.11 that seems odd to me. For instance, to get tag properties (metadata) sent I need to click Transmission Control->Refresh two times after setting a tag property value. MQTT.fx doesn’t show the property (and its value) in DBIRTH until the second Refresh for some reason.

Also, it appears that after you set a tag property to any value and click Refresh twice, that tag property will always appear in all subsequent DBIRTHs…even if it is null.

I’m not having any issues with data where I have to refresh a couple times. Of course, maybe I could see the data if I did. The tooltip is getting to Ignition, as I can reference it in a binding, it just does not show in the designer tag browser.