Ignition 8.1.2: Error Saving Node Configuration in wrapper.log

One month ago I upgraded an Ignition Gateway from 7.9.8 to 8.1.2 (b2021020311).
Two days ago the wrapper.log started recording the following error every 2 seconds

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, regards

This is indicating some internal error in the tag system. You should get in contact with support.

Thanks PGriffith for your suggestion. How can I get in contact with support? Shall I open a ticket?

Yes, web or phone are our official support venues:

Did you get any solution on this from support? I am facing same issue on 8.1.1

Hi Sharmila,
even if I got a very good support from Inductiv Automation, we didn’t get a solution. After upgrading to 8.1.10 the error was gone.