Ignition 8.1.2: SSL Certificates Installation

Hoping the community may be able to provide some experience with SSL Certificates in Ignition Gateway and tell me what I have overlooked in my workflow. Full disclosure, I am not an expert of SSL Certificates and attempted the install on an evaluation version of the software.

Reference material that I used to do the install:
1.) Secure Communication (SSL / TLS) - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation
2.) Critical Security Steps in Ignition - YouTube <— Starts at 3:32 mark

Order of workflow and corresponding certificates installed:

  1. csr generated in Ignition for Private Key .csr
  2. DNS CNAME entries.txt
  3. myDomain_com.crt
  4. myDomain_com.ca-bundle

Graphical representation: