Ignition 8.1.20 Perspective Hyperlink Link Component

Hello Everybody,
Has anyone seen this?
Confusing Issue: When clicking on a hyperlink component in my Perspective Client application that points to the local Ignition Gateway, the link works good, it launches the gateway login prompt screen. But the perspective client application closes every time

Update: Solved by kevin and the new training video!

  1. You have several link target options: self, tab, blank, parent, top. Which have you selected?
  2. What OS and browser?
  3. What is the relevance of the managers to the link problem?


I Should have mentioned I am inside of the Perspective Workstation on Ignition 8.1.20 which does not have the browser tabs and hides the client from the 3rd party browser capabilities like a kiosk application…

See the Tab/Window Link settings: Perspective Workstation - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


Thanks Kevin