Ignition 8.1.21 Perspective Client Launcher Not finding Gateway in same LAN subnet

Hello All,
Any tips would be appreciated. I have a test Perspective client launcher on the same virtual machine running Windows Server 2019 that finds and successfully connects to the production Gateway using IP However from an operators physical computer on the same network the Perspective client launcher does not find the same gateway. But the operators computer can ping this server. In the gateway configuration I un-selected SSL to see if that resolves issue. In the Windows Server OS I added Perspective's "workstation" to the firewall list of allowed applications. Is it required to use trust certificates with SSL turned off or am I missing another requirement?

Is the problem that the operators computer cannot launch Perspective Workstation against the gateway URL ( Or just that it can't auto-discover the gateway? What happens if you try to manually add it to workstation, e.g.


Thanks for the fast post... I did try the manual setting and put in both HTTPS:// 8088 and the plain HTTP://
neither would get the "Valid" to pop up like in your example...

On this same machine, do you get the gateway web page when you enter into a web browser? You'd need to use http if you're connecting to port 8088, btw.

Tomorrow morning I'll re-check that. Thanks
Tech support resolved. The VM needed the 8088 port allowed outbound and inbound.
Thanks guys

You have a space after the colon in the https example. Make sure you don't in real life.