Ignition 8.1.23 Email Notification with Gmail Connection Issue

Merry Christmas Everyone!
After some frustrating re-configuring and re-testing a rejected Ignition Gateway Email SMTP account which used to work, I see in the event log "user and password" are rejected. A little research on the Gmail site found they recently killed 3rd party applications with "less secure" log ins to be used. I've tried about 30 different combinations to get in....Has anyone recently resolved the work around to get Ignition to use a Gmail account???? Thank you for reading this post...

Enable 2FA on the Gmail account, and then create an app password. The app password that gets generated will be used with your email when setting up the notification profile.

See the "Create & use App Passwords" section in this link:

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How long has it been? Supposedly the use of app passwords became required in February of 2021, with warnings through 2020.


Thank you

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The past year sure did go by fast didnt it!!!

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Might want to change your thread title, as I think you mean the email notification module not voice

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I took the liberty of editing it for OP.

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You Resolved... The solution was the new requirement by Gmail to 1st setup 2 part authentication, then create a custom "APP" name (like "Ignition_Gateway_123") with a custom "APP" password. That 16 digit auto generated APP password then gets used in ignition rather than the regular human defined Gmail account password. Thank you all for supporting this forum and being so awesome.