Ignition 8.1.5 OPC UA Client Good_Overload Quality

After upgrading to ignition 8.1.5 (from 8.0.14) i am getting the status Good_Overload on all OPC points from a Simemens S7 1500 PLC with OPC UA protocol also the update rate of the tags is slowed down (3-5s) vs 1s configured, it was working fine with 8.0.14 any recommendations or configs that needto be changed on the OPC UA client-side (all the tags are configured as direct with 1000 ms subscription rate).
S71500 OPC ServerDiag:
Server Diag
S71500 OPC ClientDiag:

Good_Overload Quality:

Starting in 8.1.2 Ignition’s QualityCode system gained a Good_Overload code that is now mapped to when a Good_Overload StatusCode is received from an OPC UA server.

You were likely always receiving this StatusCode on value changes from this server but previously it was just ignored.

Slow down your sampling rate (Tag Group rate in Ignition) or just ignore it. The QualityCode is purely informative, it doesn’t have any representation in the tag browser or the quality overlay system.


We see this problem also and this is now triggering Tag Value Change Script. Even that value is same. So definitely this affect on project.
Any tips how to bypass quality change script so that it does not trig value change?

You can’t. That’s the nature of tags. You’ll need to compare it to the previous value before running the rest of your script.