Ignition 8.1.5 Tag Browse Update Data Type


I have a PLC (RSLogix 5000 v32) connected to Ignition and have a tag in the PLC that I am monitoring with Ignition. The tag was of the INT data type in the PLC. I took the PLC offline, changed the Data Type to a DINT and downloaded the PLC. I can’t get Ignition to recognize the tag as a DINT, I have tried refreshing and restarting the tags, but when I drag the tag from the OPC browser into my tag window it still creates the tag as a Short. If I manually change the tag to an Integer, I am still stuck with the −32,768 to 32,767 range.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get ignition to recognize this tag with the new data type?



I was able to go into device configuration in Ignition and disable the device and re-enable it a few times and it re-scanned and updated the data type. This shouldn’t be required however, as I had to stop all of my other projects using this device to make it happen.

This is pretty much a known issue but I’ve made a ticket to see if we can get it fixed up.

In the meantime, yes, a DataType change to a tag already accessed in some way will require an edit/save on the device connection before the OPC UA server starts reporting the new type.