Ignition 8.1.7 unexpectedly out of service for 30 minutes, no error logged on diagnostics in server

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We’ve implemented this Vision project onsite. It’s been working fine for a few weeks now. However I was told by the client that it crashed and went out of service for 30 minutes, without the backup server talking control ( i believe this would be the case since the failover time shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes).

looking into the ignition gateway > status > logs on the day/surrounding days of this incident…there are no Error logs listed.
Where can I find these error logs to troubleshoot and such?

We are using ignition 8.1.7

Thanks guys

Any chance the network went down at the client? While the master and backup servers were happily chatting away? You wouldn’t get a failure report for that. Maybe just a timeout on the client connections and a client reconnect later.

Thank you for your input and quick response!

apologies you may have to break it down for me on how the client’s network can affect it (and if I describe things to simplistic, Im not the best at computer networks)

I assume by ‘out of service’ it would be the ignition gateway being out of service as they view the scada on a local monitor
The server’s are all PC based, with it’s own network as well as another network connecting to the PLC’s. If it was the client’s network going down and disconnecting from the PLC’s (as this piggy backs on their network), I would still expect the gateway to be up and running with an alarm indicating this disconnection

No, I mean the network between the Vision client display and the gateways.

Or maybe the Vision client itself crashed ? And someone restarted it?

Oh do you mean an opened instance of the vision client crashing i.e. getting frozen as the program itself?

Yes. Problems at the Vision client itself won’t be logged at the gateway.

ah! that’s a shout.

is there a log that would file this in the file directory ?


I guess it’ll be the matter of informing the client that this is a possibility and to take images of this ‘out of service’ message

thank you for the help!

Hi Phil @pturmel , more on this. It seems like it was the vision client that had crashed as the user at the time has said they didnt see “Gateway connection lost” banner appear.


Will the vision client ‘crash’ appear on the windows event log itself would you say?

Thank you

Not likely, no.

I’ll check on the “reliability history” under control panel.

Otherwise, how would you advise as a contingency if the UI of vision client were to freeze again?

I would monitor memory usage at the client using the Diagnostics window. In my experience, running out of memory is the most common cause of crashes after running well for an extended time. (Quick crashes are often caused by infinite loops or recursion on the GUI thread.)

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