Ignition 8.1.8 - system.alarm.queryJournal to filter Enabled/Disabled Events?

Ignition 8.1.8 has a new feature to display Enabled/Disabled Events in alarm journal component
can we use system.alarm.queryJournal to filter Enabled/Disabled Events with state parameters ?
AlarmEvent object have new property for them ?

You would add Enabled or Disabled to the state property you pass to the query, it looks like.

I’ve activated this feature in an Ignition 8.1.8 application.
It works, but in the alarm journal in perspective, the field label has the Alarm Name for event Enabled and Disabled.
For other alarm’s events for the same alarms, the label value has the good value.

More over, these new events are stored wihtout the alarm’s associated data in the database :frowning:

According to IA support #28468
The feature is not implemented in Ignition 8.1.8 - 8.10
You can vote to add this feature:

We need more votes for this feature request !