Ignition 8.1 and JAVAFX API 3d objects

OK I am looking for a way to show a 3d visualizer similar to how a Music visualizer work. I have a FLL moving data into an array that steps forward every 1ft using a ppi count. The data that is filling in the array is from 4 ultrasonic sensors detecting height say 0-20 inch. I am wanting to visually show this. Right now I have just multistate buttons changing color based on the trk file array. Main Question is has anyone implemented JAVAFX api in ignition 8.1.3?? If so does anyone have a proper Writeup??



Even if i can get 3d cubes and view in a 3D Perspective view that would be fine. Ideally id like to move around and change POS and angle like 3d cad software and a 3d model. This is similar to the Inductive automation Customer Projects section . Building Materials Facility Goes 3D with Ignition | Inductive Automation

The simplest way to get this to work in Vision would be the Paintable Canvas component. You have direct access to draw various 2D primitives. With sufficient programming, you could mock up a 3d renderer.

The linked example uses a totally custom, module-based solution that is not redistributed anywhere, to my knowledge.

In Perspective, a third-party module could leverage the much better third party ecosystem for Javascript and (theoretically) embed something like three.js, allowing arbitrary 3D rendering, or even draw primitives directly (akin to the Vision solution) using the Canvas API.

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Yes I have been looking into a Solution with the paintable canvas … I figured the example was custom and not distributed. Ill have to look to see if there is a module available for the canvas. Thanks for the reply