Ignition 8.1 Can't find Python Library folder on Gateway after install

I have just installed Ignition 8.1 on a new server and I need to had a Python module to the library.
I was looking for folder “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\user-lib\pylib” but can’t find it on the Gateway.
In fact, there is not even a “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition” folder! No sure why.
Can someone help?

There is definitely an Ignition Gateway installed and running on that server?

Yes, ver. 8.1 and a valid License.

Where does Windows service management show Ignition installed?

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But by checking, It looks like Ignition installed itself in the folder where I copied the downloaded Ignition Installation Package. How Come it did not installed in the Program Files folder?

It looks like you downloaded the zip distribution instead of the executable installer.

Either that, or you chose to install it there when prompted…

I guess this is the case.
Should I reinstall from scratch or keeping it is OK?
Or can I just move it to the correct Program Files folder?

It’s probably better to start over with the installer because it will make upgrading easier in the future.

You will need to run the stop and uninstall batch files in your zip distribution before installing a new copy with the installer.

The install was quite special, nothing I had seen in the past. Now I understand why…
I am confused about the 2 packages.
I will also need to uninstall the Licenses, right?
I also have a Redundant Backup License running on a second backup Gateway.

Ah, yes, you would need to un-activate your licenses first.

If you have already done development work you can take an gateway backup and then once you get reinstalled restore the backup.

Very Good.
Thanks much.