Ignition 8.1 Compatibility with SQL Server 2019

The documentation states that Ignition is compatible with SQL Server versions up to 2017. Is Ignition 8.1 compatible with SQL Server 2019? There is only one other post about this and the only response was that it was likely compatible. I need a definite answer before a client upgrades their SQL Server version.



Yes - Ignition 8.1 is compatible with SQL Server 2019.

The documentation should now be updated for our 8.1 version here:

Thank you

Keep in mind that gateway backups contain prior JDBC drivers, which will overwrite any newer driver in a fresh install. Likely not a problem when upgrading the DB, but you should check your driver if it ever came from an older Ignition install.

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And if you look at the supported JDBC drivers for SQL Server 2019, it does not technically support the JDBC driver that was in my v8 Ignition (later updated to v8.1). We had to go and download the JDBC driver direct from MS, as the one we had was too old to be supported.