Ignition 8.1 Ethernet bridge to AB SLC5/04 Serial DF1 Port

Hey Everyone,
Edited my original post...
I'm looking for an inexpensive way to bridge our Ignition 8.1 Ethernet network to a Legacy AB SLC5/04 DH+ port. I Can't convince the customer to spend the money to upgrade their PLC, because it has been performing perfectly for 15 years in a clean climate controlled room. Has anyone integrated the Automation Networks ANC-100E with success? I see that product lists for $1200 and is available, but not sure if the Ignition Ethernet AB SLC device drivers are compatable??

Sorry, all the options I would recommend are more, unless you're willing to buy used off ebay.

Call it "paying the piper" for upgrade heel-dragging.


Do you have any open slots on the backplane?

On a nitty gritty level, you could probably toss a small IPC in the panel. Then share it via virtual Bridge or IP.

You'd have to really talk to their IT about what's allowed?

This is a terrible mindset. They will be upset when that controller finally dies and forces an upgrade. Upgrades are always better when they're planed and on your terms.

I have never used the Automation Networks ANC-100E, we have Control Logix Bridges for the few controllers I haven't gotten to yet (I'm still in recovery mode from my predecessor who had the same "it isn't broke why fix it" mindset.) Ignition's SLC AB driver has worked well for me over bridged networks.

How are they currently connecting to the Controller when they need to?


Thank you for replying to my post...They had no SCADA before my recent upgrade. They have a SLC-5/04 which is DH+ and in same panel a Panelview 550 with DH+. I have the RSLogix 500 RSS file. If it wasnt for the Panelview I would just change the controller to a 5/05 Ethernet but looks like the least pain will be the 3rd party bridge. Did find a youtube demonstration that seems to confirm that will work. I Just was hopeing to not be the first to try Ignition on it. Usually the first guy to try new tricks usually gets beat up a bit!