Ignition 8.1 OPC browser no longer shows OPC servers of the tag provider

I used to (before 8.1) create tags by dragging them from the opc browser to the ignition tag browser. This worked well. Doing that now causes this error.


It is because the tag provider doesn’t have that opc connection and therefore cannot resolve the tag.

The designer OPC browser always seems to show the opc connections set up on the gateway you’re editing on instead of the gateway your tag provider is on.
Looks like now I have to go to the “browse devices” on the tag window instead?


This works fine, but is different. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

I don’t like it either and when I brought it up I learned this was a very intentional design (by committee).

The one part I do agree with is not showing the OPC browser for anything but the gateway you are on. That was always very confusing for users. I don’t know if this particular functionality was removed on purpose though.

edit: looking into the config error thing though, that doesn’t sound right.

Hmm, not seeing any issue dragging tags from the OPC Browser. You might try 8.1.1 or working with support to show them the issue.

I’m pretty confident the reason I’m getting the error is that it is a remote tag provider who cannot access that opc connection - If I drop it onto a local tag provider it works.

It would presumably also work if I had an opc connection with the same name and opc tag path on the remote gateway.

Is the OPC connection defined on the same gateway as the target of the remote tag provider?

You’ve never been able to create OPC tags that belong to OPC connections defined on other Ignition gateways. What you can do is create an OPC tag on that remote gateway, then access the OPC tag remotely via a remote provider. But I think creation of that tag needs to happen on the remote gateway first.

Right. We’re using remote providers. I can create a tag on a remote provider on gateway B from the designer running connected to gateway A.

The OPC browser now shows gateway A’s opc connections. Dragging it to a remote tag provider from gateway B creates a tag on gateway B’s provider that references gateway A’s OPC connection which then fails with the error I got that alerted me to the workflow change.

Before when the OPC browser would switch to the active tag provider’s gateway’s opc connections it worked since it was an opc server the provider was able to get to.

Gotcha, I’ll write up a ticket and see what happens.