Ignition 8.1 Reports FTP Action giving me I/O Error during connection


I am trying to send a file to an FTP server with SFTP protocol using the Schedule Reports FTP Action and am having issues with it not connecting properly. Here is the screenshot of the configuration I am using to do this and the accompanying error that I am getting in the log.

Has anyone had any similar issues with this before and know how to get started looking to fix it? There are no other logged errors on the gateway and the error shown isn't very descriptive.

I have connected with this server with the same host url/credentials using FileZilla with success if that is any help.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Check the "use SSL" box. Look at the logs, the url its using is ftp:// not sftp://

Didn't look hard enough at the first line of the log. My bad. However, with the SSL button checked, I get the same error, even with the correct protocol being used.

An unknown host error is a DNS error. That hostname doesn't resolve in the gateway's service environment. That's what you have to fix.

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I guess I should provide some more background. Before using this hostname, I was using another that was being resolved correctly I assume as I was getting a timeout error. Here is a picture of the log from that hostname.

I used the hostname from the original post because that was what it was resolving to in FileZilla and the original one already wasn't working in Ignition. I forgot that I changed to the other one and sent the logs in my post.

I'm curious if there is a setting somewhere I can increase the timeout delay? I don't really imagine that would help however, as it's not like the server I am trying to connect to has bad latency or anything. Sorry for all the confusion.

Connection timeout can commonly be a firewall issue (i.e. firewall dropping the connection request, thus tripping the timeout), might check that too.

Considering you're using port 22, you're probably not using "FTP" or "FTPS", but "SFTP" which is an entirely different protocol, and not sure Ignition supports it. SFTP is the SSH File Transfer Protocol.

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