Ignition 8.1 sync between designer and git repo problems


I source my vision project with a git repo in ignition 8.1. When I change of branch, I would have expect my project in designer to change according to the chekcout branch. I tried to increase the project scan frequency by adding the configuration "-Dignition.projects.scanFrequency=10" to the file ignition.conf as proposed in this post :


I restarted my computer, but the project still takes a few minutes before updating according to the checkout branch (5 min as I can read here):


What is happening?

Too, should I expect the changes to occur inside Ignition Designer while it's running when a I checkout another branch? Or I have to close and re-open Ignition Designer to see the changes?

Thank you!


When you go to save in the Designer, it will automatically "pull" changes made on the gateway into the local project, and give you the option to reconcile any conflicts, as needed. You can manually pull in these changes from the gateway at any time via the File -> Update Project menu item: General Designer Interface - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Thank you for the answer!

Indeed, the project updates via File ->Update Project. But it still takes a lot of time between switching to a new branch and the update of the project inside the gateway. Is it possible to make it faster? I though that adding the configuration "-Dignition.projects.scanFrequency=10 " would have improve this, but it doesn't seem to. Maybe I'm missing something?

Thank you!

Are you sure the setting applied correctly?
Try setting the com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.project.ProjectFileWatcher logger to DEBUG; see how often it's reporting scans are completing and how long they're taking.