Ignition 8.1 system.gui.showNumericKeypad new coloring

I am currently upgrading projects from Ignition 7.9 to 8.1 and have noticed that the numericKeypad has become much lighter in color. I discovered that it is really difficult to see while using it on an HMI with the new coloring and theme. Is there a way to alter the background color or font color with this component? I cannot find a way to change the color since it uses scripting to open and it isn’t a vision component.

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This isn’t really possible, no. The system.gui functions that prompt for input use a built in to Java Swing mechanism to create ‘modal’ dialogs, which lock up the currently running Event Dispatch Thread (meaning all of your components stop being responsive, and as a consequence any non-background-thread scripts you have stop running).

Is your issue specifically with the contrast of the numbering on the buttons?

Yes, the text is very light and doesn’t contrast well with the keypad background.

Got it; yeah, I can see your point. I filed a ticket, we’ll pretty much have to fix this internally.

Great, thank you very much!

This is fixed in 8.1.21: