Ignition 8.1 Tag Browser of OPC Server in Developer Mode

Subject: For off site OPC Server Tag adding to an Ignition Perspective 8.1 application that does not have the live OPC connection to the Allen Bradley PLC readily available…
Question: We deployed the PLC hardware to the customers site. But we are still in the process of making design changes to the Ignition Perspective application offsite. Is there a way to browse and copy the offline AB Logix 5000 Rev 32 file for new tags? To clarify…Can we view / copy and bind to tags being added in the offline Ignition OPC Server or will we need to manually type in each new tag to the offline OPC Server?? I couldn’t locate a topic on this in the online help. Thank you in advance for your feedback

IA’s tools do not support this themselves. However, my Ethernet/IP driver for Ignition can. See this topic for an example (read the whole topic for some gotchas to avoid):

You will need the Logix project file in .L5X format with no encoded content. I recommend you rename the original Ignition device temporarily so the emulated device can use that name. When you are done, you can delete the emulation and restore the original device name.