Ignition 8.1 Tag Limits

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently been testing upgrading our 7.9 install to 8.1 and have been having a lot of issues involving tags.

I wanted some feedback on how many tags your system has and how it performs. On 7.9 with 400,000 tags we had no issue with designer performance, but on 8.1 with that many tags the designer is completely locked up.

Thanks for the help,

When you say “8.1”, do you mean 8.1.0? or something else? 8.1.x for us does seem to be more prone to performance issues due to errors such as configuration errors, bad tags, and inefficient tag scripts, where we got away with these in v7.9

Hey Nick,

After doing way more testing today I determined this isn’t an Ignition issue but is a module issue.

I added 400,000 memory tags to 8.0.17, no issue.
I upgraded to 8.1.7, no issue.

If i use the MQTT Module with 400,000 MQTT tags, the issue occurs.

I already have a ticket open with them for another issue, so ill bring this to their attention as well.

Memory tags don’t do anything once they’re created unless they have expressions or you write to them etc. They just take up memory otherwise. It’s active tags that put load on a system like polled or subscribed tags and mqtt

I believe there’s an issue with the newer MQTT Engine Modules because we never had performance issues like this (or saw any load from the MQTT engine) on 7.9.x versions of Ignition.

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