Ignition 8.1 upgrade from previous version 8.0.x

Hi there, I am currently using Ignition 8.12. If I were to upgrade to 8.1(RC), will my other projects made with previous version be affected? Cheers

Inductive Automation tries very hard to make upgrading painless. Doesn’t always succeed for all cases.

For production systems, you should always test an upgrade on a temporary installation isolated from your real production network. Or if outage time is generous, have a plan to reinstall and restore to status quo ante if any trouble is encountered. In my opinion, this is true for all combinations of running and proposed upgrade versions.


Installation is so fast (compared to some other HMI/SCADA packages) that it doesn’t take long to go back if you have a backup from just before the upgrade. Of course, “long” is relative to how much downtime you have available, but I generally feel safe with a 2 hour window for upgrading single installations (the painless ones–most–are more like 15 minutes).

Deactivate your license before uninstalling to make the licensing part painless.