Ignition 8.1.x running on Linux

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my Ignition Experience with the Linux Operating System.
For folks who are wondering if Ignition works on Linux, the answer is YES!
I have been implementing production Ignition systems for a few year now. From Ubuntu server 20.04 to 22.04, using on Fedora 29/39, using on Rocky8/9, also using ignition on Ubuntu arm64 version for my Mac M3. I know MacOs is technically a linux hybrid but I have Ignition running on an Apple Server (intel chip) with High Sierra OS. I have not tried it on an Arch distribution but as posted in another thread, I got it working on a Steam Deck with runs a custom arch version of SteamOS.
Long story short, don't hesitate to use Linux and run ignition in Production on Linux!


Heh. Welcome to the club. I've been running Ignition on Linux for a very long time. How about this from almost fourteen years ago:

I haven't run gentoo for several years now, but you get the idea. :grin: