Ignition 8.10 Stable Release Date

Hi All,

Just wondering if there’s a ETA on Ignition 8.10 or expected release date?

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Soon. QA runs final regression and integration tests against the RC; if they don’t find any major issues then it’ll probably be within a few weeks. If they do, then it could be longer than that.

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Thanks for the reply back with this info @PGriffith - do you happen to know when the next non-stable release which includes fix for the flex repeater/too much recursion error will be?

RE: Flex Repeaters Crashing (Perspective)

Sorry, missed your second question. 8.0.11 nightlies should have the requisite fixes at this point.

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Thanks for the update @PGriffith

Hi Paul,
Can I have a rough estimate of release of 8.1.1?

Early December.

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