Ignition 8+ and Kerberos


Anyone has connected Ignition to a Kerberos security/authentication?

Experiences and ideas are welcome!

For what purpose? Or in what module?

Hi @ryanjmclaughlin,
We have an existing Kerberos authentication on site and we need the Perspective session to be automatically logged. The workflow is the following: the user use a biometric card to log in the workstation, then we want the session to be opened without any user input. A kind of sso. I’m afraid we need to build the setup on workbench and test if nobody has experienced that.

Prob not going to happen in Perspective. Vision can do SSO. Depending on your setup, you might be able to stand up an IdP for perspective to authenticate to, but being browser based and using “modern” standards, you won’t get a 100% seamless SSO.