Ignition 8 - cancel override script ressource?

With Ignition 8 we can override an herited script ressources.
There is no menu to cancel the override in order to come back to the original script.
Is it intentional ?

You just delete the overriding resource. It would be extremely confusing to have an inherited resource be overridden but then not use tat new overriding resource because the Project Browser would still display the black text which we use to indicate that the resource being used is local to the project.

Is there a way to cancel gateway events override?

Gateway events are a single resource. You have to delete all gateway events in the leaf project to inherit the parent’s events.

The inheritance model doesn’t work well for events. To avoid confusion, and the likelyhood of unintended multiple executions, don’t define any events in inheritable projects. Only in leaf projects.

I did as suggested, delete all gateway events(i only had one) and left empty, but gateway events kept showing as override resource.

i will move that event to the leaf project to manage it just there.