Ignition 8 Certification

Will we have to redo the entire course on Inductiveuniversity if we’re certified for Ignition 7.9 or will there be a small update course to introduce the changes made in Ignition 8?

Perspective is such a huge change that I can’t imagine it not being a course of its own. The Vision, tags, and reports work essentially the same (with a few new functions and styles), so a 7.9 certification should be nearly equivalent to any 8.0 certification in that area.

We’re still working out the specifics, but @silverbacknet is on the right track. Regarding IU progress, the plan is to carry progress to new versions where it feels appropriate, based on what features have changed.

Thus, if a person has their 7.9 credential, and is interested in pursuing a 8.0 credential, then some of the 7.9 challenge progress will transfer over to 8.0 (once we release the new challenges): i.e., if you passed the Transaction Group challenges in 7.9, then we want to transfer your progress to 8.0, since Groups haven’t really changed much.