Ignition 8 - Changes in Tags of "default provider" are lost after restart server

Good morning.

I have updated Ignition 7.9.9 to 8.0.7.
I have noticed that if I make changes to the “default provider” tags (add, remove, modify any tags) and restart the server (Windows Server 2016), sometimes the changes are not saved.
The problem does not occur if I make changes to the tags of another “provider”.

Could it be because the “default provider” is inherited from Ignition 7 and there is some incompatibility?

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It’s a stab in the dark but check the name of the default provider.
Depending on how you move from 7.9 to 8.0, the name sometimes changes
from (7.9.x): Ignition OPC-UA Server
to (8.0.x): Ignition OPC UA Server
The difference in spelling can cause problems.

Good Morning.

Thanks for your reply.
But I mean “Realtime tags provider”, not OPC-UA connections.

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Sorry, bad assumption on my part.
“default” is normally configured to use “Ignition OPC-UA Server” or “Ignition OPC UA Server”

Good luck.