Ignition 8 gateway network and active alarms

We have set up an instance of Ignition 8 on our DMZ and are communicating to other internal gateways over the gateway network. We have set up a number of remote tag providers and would like to view the alarms in a perspective project. When we open the alarm status table it can take up to 15 seconds to load the active alarms. One provider has around 30k tags and the other around 18k. The one with 30k seems to cause the delay as when it is removed the alarms load very quickly.

I have tried selecting the remote tag provider to subscribed instead of queried so I was wondering if there any other improvements can be made or would this be the expected result.

We have two Ignition 7.9 internal gateways connected to each other using the gateway network and then only one connect directly to Ignition 8 gateway.

Would there be any delays to the alarms loading if the Ignition 8 gateway is not connected directly to a particular gateway?