Ignition 8 help

Hi, I am new to ignition and I’m getting stuck on some small things. I’m hoping to find someone who is willing to help me through minor hang ups I’m having on a more one-to-one basis. The questions I have are simple and should be easy to work through. I am using ignition 8.

Thank you

Ask away, no shame in asking simple questions. Also check out www.inductiveuniversity.com for free training. Also, if you haven’t, search the forum for similar questions before posting.

When making an instance of my UDT I am able to set the instance’s name and the individual tag paths, but the tag names themselves arent editable. Im in read/write mode.

You can’t add or remove tags, or otherwise change structure in a UDT instance - the point of a UDT is to have a known organized set of tags and names. You can only override certain properties - signified by the green circle, such as what you have on the OPC Item Path property.

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As @PGriffith notes, this is by design. If you want to change the tag names inside a UDT, you change those on the UDT definition and it changes them on all UDT instances.

Maybe you can share a bit more what you are trying to accomplish?

The point of UDT is to have kind of a template for a tag.
For example, you can have a Motor UDT.
The instance name can be the motor tag name, and internally it can have multiple signals: running, trip, etc., which is common for all motors.