Ignition 8 log in issue


I set up and used the trial version of Ignition 7.9 on a Windows machine and was able to log in using the credentials ‘admin’ and password. I used the this installation to follow the instructions on Inductive university.

I just installed Ignition 8 on an Ubuntu installation, but when I use ‘admin’ and ‘password’, it will not let me log in. This is the error message:

“Sign in failed. The username or password you entered is incorrect.”

I have double checked my caps lock and even tried copying and pasting admin and password, but it’s not working. I checked the documentation for version 8 and in the Quick Start Guide, under step 2, it just says to enter the credentials to log in.

Has the username and password been changed in version 8?


When you install Ignition 8 the first time you access the gateway it goes through a commissioning phase where you should have set a username and password yourself.

Did you not see this phase?

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Is this new in 8? I don’t remember this step in 7.9? Is it supposed to run automatically during installation on Ubuntu?

Did you install over your v7.9 setup? If so, your 7.9 credentials should still be in place. A clean install of v8 will lead you through the commissioning steps.

Yes, commissioning is new in 8. It will run automatically after any upgrade that changes various factors (including the EULA, so every 7.9 -> 8.0 upgrade will run it).

If you need to reset the password, you can use the gateway control utility from the command line to trigger "re-"commissioning: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/System+Commissioning#SystemCommissioning-PasswordReset


Hello everyone, i just install ignition ubuntu vm and can’t access ignition dev.
What is the password and user to log in?

The first time you visit the gateway webpage in an Ignition 8 install it’s in a commissioning phase where you have to set up a username and password…

The same here. I have been testing Ignition for the last three weeks and made some nice screens for the LINAC, during this time I had to reinstall it twice and problem solved, but now it doesn’t allow me to sig-in

"Sign in failed. The username or password you entered is incorrect.”

I have double-checked my caps lock and even reinstalled it again, nothing works with it, even went to the Ignition site and changed my password.

You’ve probably forgotten your username/pw or locked yourself out from incorrect attempts.

You don’t have to reinstall, you can reset the password from the command line: Gateway Command-line Utility - gwcmd - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Your IA account on our website and the Ignition Gateway you install locally are not linked in any way.

I did reset the password on the Ignition website last night, just did it from Power Shell and it is working now following your instructions.


Ok now I can access the gateway and the Designer but when launching the Project it says “Login failed, please retry”

Maybe you should give support a call and let them do a quick screen share with you.

Will do.


I have the same problem…

If its a new project/gateway, make sure you set the project User Source or Identity provider. Managed to make that mistake the other day.