Ignition 8 Login Help

I’m new to this software, so I apologize if this question is stupid or if I use the incorrect syntax, but I am looking for a way to login through perspective for the users I’ve created on my gateway.

I see the method that is built in (see image below), but I’m wondering if there is another way that can be created or that is already developed. I imagine our operators having complaints about the current method.

Thank you in advance!

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Security has changed form 7.9 to 8.0, so you’ll want to examine Security Levels before going down this road. Once you have an understanding of security levels, you can apply those permission requirements at the Project, View, and even Component level.

Project Level:
Project > Project Properties in the upper menu of the Designer

View Level:
Right-click the (open) named View Node (NOT the root).

Component (Scripting) Level:
Right-click the Component and select “Configure Events”, then select a triggering event along with the Script Action. Click the “Security Settings” button.

You probably have your requirements set to the default of “Public”. Set up Security Levels for users who you want to have access to the Project or just require “Authenticated”. Users will now need to log in before they can see the project.

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If you are just looking for a way to move that link somewhere more accessible, you can create a button or a label in the header or navigation areas to do a login action on click. See below for an example.