Ignition 8 - Memory leak

we have issue with our ignition, I suspect, that we have Memory leak in our gateway.
Memory is growing overtime, until gateway gets laggy and i need to do restart.
How should i proceed to debug, where to look for (what are most common memory leaks)?

Screen after restart:

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You should get in contact with our support division.

One other item to add to the list that might cause something like this: Importing and using Python libraries that didn't come with Ignition.

In our case, we brought in the requests library because we were familiar with it and wanted to use it to contact various REST APIs. It took a long time to figure this out, but that library must have been doing at least one of the things that JordanCClark mentioned above, because our non-heap memory was slowly growing over time. On a hunch, we went back in and re-wrote all that code to use only Ignition's system.net library instead. And the memory leak stopped.

So, for the folks fighting a memory leak who find their way to this old post, that's one more thing to try.


Yes, the requests library is one of the things that gets people in trouble. (Mainly because jython's socket implementation seems to be a disaster.)

My advice scattered all over this forum is to avoid jython/python imports for anything that can be done any other way. Use Ignition's system.* functions first, then java's standard classes, then any classes distributed by default with Ignition (there's a whole bunch), then, possibly, module-supplied classes.