Ignition 8 Modbus TCP SocketIODelegate

I’m trying without success to connect to a modbus TCP device (ABB PM554 ETH) using the ignition Modbus TCP driver in ignition 8.

The weird thing is I was able to successfully connect and communicate in ignition 7.9.9.

In ignition 8 it connects and disconnects relative to the OMB time setting on the modbus TCP server.

In the following log pic I had the omb time set at 30,000 ms.

I should note that I saw the same behavior from ignition 7.9.9 when I had the OMB time set at the default 1000 ms…

but upon research found Modbus TCP disconnection and no reconnection [SOLVED] and changing the OMB time to 30000 ms fixed the issue.

I have tried changing the OMB time back to 1000 while attempting to connect to ignition 8 but I get the same error just at a higher frequency.

Anyone else come across this? Any ideas on what to try?

Are you subscribed to any tags on that device right now?

Yes I am, though they are in the constant stat of bad_stale, or Error_config.

I initially exported the tags from 7.9.9 and imported into 8.

I also tried creating an OPC tag in ignition 8 but still couldn’t ever get a good quality.

Ignition 7.9.9

Looks like you’re on broken nightly version that doesn’t have a default Tag Group configured. Create a Tag Group and assign all your tags to it.

Your right Kevin. I missed the tag group. Just setting to default on the boolyfooly tag seemed to do the trick.

I also want to note for others. When originally troubleshooting on my imported tags I did select a tag group but didnt see a difference in the tag quality. It looks like previous versions of ignition used “Ignition OPC-UA Server” and in ignition 8 it uses “Ignition OPC UA Server” for the OPC Server.

Ooooo! This is going to break applications that use system.opc.*(). Not good.

It’s going to be fine because on upgrade it won’t change. This was a tag import into a new install of 8.

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