Ignition 8 on Raspberry PI

Hi, I just want to know if there is possible to run a server of Ignition 8 on a Raspberry PI…

I don’t have one jet… but I’m planning to run a demo of an application with Ignition… i just want to know if there is a Raspberry PI compatible with Ignition 8 to run it like server, connect to a plc siemens and also open a client in it… my boss doesn’t want to expend a loot of money for a demo that’s why we are thinking in a raspberry pi…


The ARM linux version will run on a Raspberry Pi.

The Ignition Designer and Vision Client will need to be launched on another computer unless you’re comfortable using a workaround from the knowledge base.

Perspective clients will run just fine on the Pi, though.

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ok so basically i can run it but i need to program it on another pc and then restore the gateway on the Pi, and use a perspective client instead of a vision one… thank you!!

It is just for a small demo, if the project is approved we will use different hardware… i suppose :sweat_smile::joy:

Thank you again!!!

You don’t even need to do the restore. You can run the Ignition Gateway on the Pi, and launch an Ignition Designer to build the project on your PC, as long as the PC and the Pi are on the same network and can talk to each other.


First Ignition project for me. Im running 60 Perspective Clients on Rasperry Pis in “kiosk mode” with chrome browser. Having some issues with the screens updating when i make changes in designer. Should notes V8.0.2.