Ignition 8 Perspective acting weird

I designed a basic page with few controls of ON/OFF.
If I turn on 1 and 2 it turns on the right tags but when I am opening the same page in web browser, instead of turning on 1 and 2, it’s turning on 5 and 6. What might be the reason for this?
1 2

What container type are you using? In a column container, for example, I found I had to adjust the layout for each resolution (small/medium/large).

I am using Column Container

If you’re using a Column Container, try setting an individual character as the text for each Toggle Switch, and then looking at your Session again; I’m betting you’ve set up the configuration for one breakpoint, but other breakpoints are in a different order.

Verify that your Toggle Switches are in the expected position for each of your breakpoints.